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How To Keep Your Plants Alive


Most of the people do gardening like their hobby and the love to plant new plants and flowers in their gardens and having their personal and private garden for sitting over there and spending time with their plants as the take their plants like friends and spend most of their time with them. But it is also keeping account that gardening is not that easy task as we have to learn and read many things about the taking care of plants and also having some tips to keep them healthy and alive So here we are going to discuss about some tips and tricks through which you can keep your plants alive and healthy:

  • In the first and most important trick that one could apply whenever he is going to plant a new plant and flower in his garden and private part of his house very used to keep his plants is that the choice for plant pots in Canberra must be right that he should not keep any plant in any plant pots as in the structure and composition of the plant pots is also affecting the health of the plant is some plants which are likely to live in dry places even and dry soil then they must be kept in the plant pots made up of clay but most of the plant are used to live in the places where there is excess of water so this kind of plants are to be live in ceramic pots. So this is not a little task to choose the right choice for keeping the plants in that which kind of plants must be placed in some specific type of plant pots can because some of the plants are being placed near the water fountains and many other outdoor water feature So there are more susceptible to any health issues and damage if they are keep in wrong choice for plant pots.
  • It must keep in account that in addition to the choice of plant pots the type of the soil which is being used in the plant pots must be specific and according to the type of the plants that which kind of plant will be keeping in it So that the maximum nourishment and the maximum nutrients could be supply to the plants roots and its whole body throughout.
  • It must be keep in account while watering the plant that you don’t need to over or less water the plant like what in the plant in too much excess will ultimately cause in damaging and hypertonic of the cells of the plants and also if you don’t water the plant properly after the limit which is needed by the plant then it will be causing the hypotonic condition of the plant cells. Both of these hypertonic and hypotonic conditions are adverse and dangerous for the plant cells if it keeps prolonged. When kept near a water feature.

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