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Girls Find It Hard To Decide!

You can find the guys whining about the girls taking forever to choose a dress and you can find that it is always that they cannot be blamed. Several scientific research on perception shows that female brains can see more colours and a different variety of the colours in their senses. Therefore, an average female can see every series of colours in the spectrum. They have a huge sense of visual stimuli in their environment. There was another research about men and woman putting on make ups. You will find that females are able to blend in colours and do a magic. But, most of the guys have no patience to do it. Moreover, females’ brains work differently from males. 

There is a book named, women are from Venus and men are from Mars. This book exclusively talks about the breaches in men and women point of thinking. It is hilarious at the same time, it’s very useful. For example, when a guy is going to start a boutique with crazy but awesome designs, to make people get to know it, he should make use of a boutique PR agency Bondi. But, for a female with great confidence and beauty, she can be her own networking. When she wears it and walks on roads, people will want to know where it was purchased. Her friends, her mates and her guy friends/girlfriends. And before you know it, the shop becomes famous and everyone is talking about the shop. 

Moreover, there is a huge controversial topic where in females are weaker sex of the two sexes. It is highly surprising that the weaker sex is the one who is giving birth to new life on earth. And it is said that the pain experienced while giving birth is so high that the people cannot bear it and some people even died in past. But, males are gifted with a stronger physique. And are the females being protected just because they are considered as weaker sex? No! They are being exploited and are abused. There are so many rape, abuse and harassment cases put forth by females! It is important that we understand that stereotypes are not helping anyone. It is time to respect females the way they deserve it. Check this out for information regarding PR agency.

Probably, it is time for us to be the change we want to see in the world. It is the smile in the girls’ face that gives the people a better world. This certainly does not mean that females should be allowed to stamp on males and let them dominate the males. When justice and law are fair and puts equality only few people are being sponsored. But, when justice seems to be a bit unfair, equity comes to play. We are not asking for equity, it is equality that is not given for the females!

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